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Following census date for the term, aid will be adjusted to your appropriate eligibility if you are registered for less than 12 credits. Approximately six (6) weeks into the term, excess financial aid above what you owe the College will be generated as a refund and sent to you electronically. Please visit the NOVA refund website to register or modify your preferences, or for additional information.

Keep in mind, aid will process for disbursement at the census date for the course that meets the minimum credit required. For loans that is 6 credits, for some grants and scholarships that may be 9 or 12 credits. If Pell is the only award then it will be disbursed once 6 credits of enrollment is reached. If less than half-time, then the Pell will be adjusted at term census date and released at the course census date. (If a student only enrolled in 3 credits and it is a second 8-week course, then adjusted at term census date but disbursed at course census date, once enrollment is confirmed.)

Financial aid Cost of Attendance (COA) is calculated for average tuition and fees, books, supplies, transportation, and basic living expenses. If the amount of assistance is greater than the cost of your tuition, fees, and charged books, a refund for the balance of funds will be generated and sent electronically based on your selected preference after the schedule adjustment period ends. Please visit the NOVA refund website to register or modify your preferences, or for additional information.

If a credit card originally paid the bill, that payment will be pulled back, and financial aid will be used to cover NOVA charges. Excess aid amounts are to be used for other costs of education.

If current attendance cannot be confirmed for enough credits to support the aid offered, aid will be held until such time that attendance in the appropriate number of credits can be confirmed.

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