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Can I receive financial aid if I am taking prerequisite courses in order to be admitted to a program of study?

Students that are not admitted into a degree-seeking program or who are not completing a program of study may receive restrictive financial aid if the classes are determined to be prerequisites for admittance into an eligible program of study. Prerequisite Coursework is defined as required courses to gain admission into a program, where the prerequisite courses DO NOT count as credits needed to complete the program.

The only financial aid available to students completing Prerequisite Coursework is Federal Direct Student Loans at the prerequisite level, $2625 of which can be subsidized loans (depending on need-based eligibility), for the calendar year. Students completing prerequisite coursework must be taking a minimum of 6 credits of required prerequisite coursework to qualify for financial aid. Students may receive up to a maximum of 12 consecutive months of financial aid funding when pursuing prerequisite course work.

An independent student is potentially eligible for up to $8,625 in total loans, of which $2,625 can be subsidized loans, for one calendar year. A student who is only eligible for unsubsidized loans can receive the $8,625 in unsubsidized loans for the calendar year.

A dependent student is potentially only eligible for up to $2,625 in total loans for one calendar year and is not eligible for unsubsidized loans (unless they only have unsubsidized loan eligibility, in which case they could receive the $2,625 as a unsubsidized loan).

The only situation in which a dependent student can receive a loan amount greater than $2,625 is if the parent applied for and was denied a Parent PLUS Loan. The student would then be eligible for the additional $6,000 in unsubsidized loans for the calendar year.

Will I be able to receive financial aid if I am repeating a prerequisite course?

NOVA does not pay for repeated coursework; therefore, if you took a class needed as a prerequisite either at NOVA or another school, but did not obtain a high enough grade in the course to meet admissions requirements, NOVA will NOT award financial aid assistance to retake the class.

What do I need to submit if I am taking prerequisite courses?

Form 125-384 must be completed. NOVA also requires transcripts from all colleges and/or universities you have attended prior to considering your request for prerequisite coursework funding. For the purposes of this requirement, unofficial transcripts may be provided.

  • If the courses are required prerequisites for a NOVA program, then a NOVA academic advisor must sign the form.
  • If the courses are required prerequisites to gain admissions at another college, then an advisor at the other college must sign the form.

(Financial Aid > Eligibility)

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