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If you have a drug conviction for an offense of possessing or selling drugs that occurred while you were receiving federal financial aid, you may have your eligibility suspended until you meet certain conditions.

If your drug conviction was not for an offense that happened while receiving federal financial aid, your eligibility will not be affected.

When you complete your FAFSA, you will be asked if you have previously received federal financial aid.

If you answer yes, you will be asked a follow up question regarding drug convictions.

Have you been convicted for the possession or sale of illegal drugs for an offense that occurred while you were receiving federal student aid (grants, work-study, and/or loans)?

If you have had a conviction for possessing or selling, you will still answer no to the question if:

  • You have never received federal student aid.
  • The conviction was not a state or federal offense.
  • The conviction occurred before you were 18 years of age and you were not tried as an adult.
  • The conviction was removed from your record.
  • The offense that led to your conviction did not occur during a period of enrollment for which you were receiving federal student aid (grants, work-study, and/or loans).

If your answer yes to the question, you will be asked follow up questions which will determine if the conviction affects your eligibility, and when you may be eligible again.

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